Food & BeveragesCustomers come to Kerry for assist in creating great-tasting, consumer-preferred drinks. We don’t take this situation evenly. Particularly as F&B represents a not-insignificant proportion of our environmental footprint, notably upstream, at the farming stage, whether in terms of water consumption or our carbon impression. What’s the purpose of the Food” factor of PLANET21, our social and environmental responsibility program? To supply our visitors wholesome, sustainable meals, while eliminating food waste.

Shopper consciousness concerning the source and distribution of meals has created a motion that champions sustainable and locally grown foods. Whereas this development does have its extremes, it’s based on the premise that consuming food that has been produced nearby results in better meals high quality, sustainable food production processes, and increased enjoyment. This has led to various eating places that incorporate these ideas of their menu planning and advertising.

Attractive eating places are a central success factor in ECE’s purchasing centers. Demand by prospects and guests for restaurant choices has elevated significantly over the previous few years. That is why ECE focuses on culinary variety, originality, and quality within the improvement of its facilities. Prime examples reminiscent of Europa Passage in Hamburg, Milaneo in Stuttgart and Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt present that a classy range of restaurants to choose from can turn into top-selling footfall mills. A completely new concept has been developed for MyZeil in Frankfurt: The middle shall get a new, spectacular meals area of worldwide stature which can supply the fitting meals for each style from morning to night.